Hi, I'm Nakia and welcome! Here you will find more information on me and my general overview:

My name is Nakia Foster and I was raised in Baytown, Texas. Founded by an outburst of love for my hometown, I want to bring the light of yoga to a place previously untouched by the healing qualities of the practice. I currently hold a 500 RYT and am certified as a Perinatal Yoga Teacher. 

A peace of mind is invaluable

I believe yoga is a catalyst to mental well-being and once established, individuals find a freedom within themselves and thrive in life. To go from being a human being doing yoga to a human being yoga! I desire to foster a sense of community and share my love of the practice with you. Come as you are and leave feeling happier, healthier, and freer. 


My vision has always been to provide a safe communal space for individuals to explore all the aspects of yoga. I strive to be the local leader in teaching and sharing of yoga. 


 Yoga is Love and my mission is to help unite our community in sharing that love. I want to create a harmonious balance of the mind, body, and spirit of every student who I encounter in the hopes that their inner peace and energy can be a light to share with the world. 



I take a very inclusive approach to the practice. My classes and private sessions are designed with the intention to benefit everyone, everybody, and every BODY regardless of skill level. I strive to create a space that offers yoga for all, and my hope with this welcoming environment is to truly create a community that makes you feel at HOME.  


The physicality of yoga is just one aspect of the practice, so while you may just be drawn to the visible results, allow your mind to be exercised as well. Yoga is a practice that is done both on and off the mat, in the class, in the real world, and in yourself. There are generous opportunities to dive deep into the asanas, allowing your mind to find the space and time to slow down and be present with yourself. 


Yoga is all about the union of mind and body, I want to begin that unification intentionally moving our bodies to the rhythm of our own breath pace. This is the first step of a lifelong journey, one in which you begin to calm the mind and respect the body. If you’re ready for the adventure, I am committed to guide you along this exciting path with the highest quality of knowledge I have to offer. 

Core Values

I believe and promise these things: 


Yoga is a catalyst to mental well-being: Having a consistent yoga practice will offer returns greater than ever imagined     


Education is key: I promise that you are receiving my best knowledgeable guidance and instruction.


Sense of community: Friends become family in this safe space where deeper connections are always being fostered.


Love of the practice: For those who just beginning the journey and yogis who have been practicing for years, I want to provide the space and community to deepen your love of the sacred time spent on the mat.


Come as you are and you will leave feeling healthier, happier, and more at peace: An open mind and an open heart is all that I ask for, let the yoga do the rest.


Your practice is yours: Yoga looks different for everyone. Some days you may need to come to class and lay in savasana or child’s pose the entire time. Your practice is about you. The most important thing that I can do is to offer you the space to have the experience that YOU need to have. This is the most glorious practice of yoga, doing whatever you need to do.  

Where to Catch Me in Action:

I offer yoga classes in a variety of places in East Houston/Baytown area. This section will be updated regularly with current times, locations, and prices. Check back often to see where I am teaching yoga! Here is my current schedule: 

Community class

1513 Evergreen Rd. Baytown, TX 77523

Come check out this open level local Baytown yoga class! Tuesdays at the Evergreen Park clubhouse from 6:30-7:30 PM. $5 drop in fee. Bring your own mat and any props you may need to support your yoga practice.

Private Sessions

All sessions can be conducted live via Zoom or in person.

Beginners to advanced students welcome.

Reach out to me today to jumpstart your home yoga practice!

Private Yoga Sessions

Work one-on-one with me to create a yoga practice tailored to your needs, body, and personal goals. I bring a wealth of experience to my private yoga sessions including adaptive and modified yoga poses, anatomy and alignment, and ways to manage mental and emotional health. First thirty minute consultation to discuss your goals and set schedule is free.

Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

Whether you're looking to bond with your partner or simply need a more flexible yoga schedule tailored to you, semi-private sessions are a great way to get more personalized instruction and attention. First thirty minute consultation to discuss your group's goals and set schedule is free.

Private Sessions Pricing

For 4+ sessions, there is a bulk session discount: 
$50/session when you purchase 4 sessions 
$45/session when you purchase 8 sessions
$30/session when you purchase 12 sessions 

Semi-Private Sessions Pricing 
2+ students, Price Per Student

$25/session when you purchase 4 sessions
$20/session when you purchase 8 sessions
$15/session when you purchase 12 sessions

Private Sessions

If you are interested in doing a private individual or group session, please fill out this form:

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Frequently Asked Questions

New to Yoga?

First and foremost, welcome. I'm glad you’re here. Yoga is for everybody and every body. Feel free to contact me with any questions before trying out your first session! 

I'm not flexible, can I still do yoga?

You mean everyone can’t throw their feet behind their head and balance there? No worries, each body is different and I honor that in each of my sessions. I offer an array of classes ensuring that you’ll find one to match your needs and experience level. 

What should I wear?

I want you to be as comfortable as possible, so wear something that allows you to move freely. Socks are optional. 

Do I need to bring anything?

A willing body and mind is all that I ask. I have some mats for use, however feel free to bring your own. 

What can I expect?

For your first time, you can expect to move, breathe, sweat, and release. Yoga is a wonderful journey that takes you to exciting places. You will be challenged, (perhaps even overwhelmed, at first), but with time and practice, the movements and breathing will become second nature.